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Root Canals

Your teeth contain a hard outer shell, a layer of dentin, and an inner core called pulp, the soft connective tissue and nerves that keep your teeth alive. Damage from injury, infection, and decay can put a tooth at risk and cause pain. Root canal therapy can save a compromised tooth and relieve any irritation. Many people wrongly believe that root canals cause the discomfort they feel. Because the infection actually produces the pressure and inflammation, most patients feel better after root canal therapy.

During a root canal, Dr. Kay will remove the infection and clean out the inside of your tooth. She then fills the tooth and seals it to prevent further problems. With root canal treatment, we can save an infected tooth and prevent tooth loss.

Attain the smile of your dreams. Call our Kennesaw dental office today and schedule an appointment with Dr. Kalantari to discuss root canal therapy. We serve patients from Acworth, Marietta, and the greater Atlanta area.

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